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Power Boat Course
and Safety Boat

(Club Members Only)

The Powerboat Course is usually run over two consecutive Saturdays.  The course covers everything from basic handling of the powerboat to competent high speed manoeuvring.

The powerboat is a key tool used for safety cover on racing and social sailing days.  It is manned by groups of members on a rotational basis.  Therefore it is essential that sailors know how to handle the powerboat safely and effectively in order to aid in rescue and recovery of both sailors and boats when needed.

The club can provide power boat training, with a non-tidal endorsement, up to RYA Level 2 and Safety Boat Driver certificates.


Because we are situated in a nature reserve, power boat training has to be limited and can only be offered to long term sailing members of the club. We encourage club members to obtain a power boat certificate to help them with the safety duties they will be involved in as part of their membership. 

Power Boat Instructors are Allan Coleman, Chris Davis, Tony Cartwright and Dave Hall.

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