Membership is available in the following categories:


Family  For the applicant, their partner and children up to the age of 18, to have sailling membership 

Adult Single  For the applicant alone to have sailing membership

Student   In full time education, not otherwise employed and over the age of 18 

Junior  Under the age of 18

Social  Non-sailing membership though may sail 3 times in a membership year

Sea Scout  For members of the local youth groups that share the water to have membership, under the age of 18

Model Boat A social membership category. Must also join the Birmingham Model Yacht Club additional fees apply


Download an application form or just Download the fee table   


Sailing members are also able to bring and store their own boat(s) at the club on payment of the appropriate fee and subject to available boat storage space.  Please contact the HardMaster before bringing your boat down! A lesser fee is payable if you wish to trail your boat to and from the club each time you sail her.


The Club Rules are available hereHow the Club handles your personal data is explained here.