Sutton Sailing Club is an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) recognised training centre. This means that when we offer training every aspect of the provision has been recently checked to ensure it reaches RYA standards. This will include the facilities, sailing boats, safety boats, course organisation and teaching, which must be delivered by registered RYA certified instructors. 

Learn to Sail - 4 day Courses For Beginners


Everyone has to start somewhere and we are here to help you make your first step. Sutton Sailing Club runs RYA Level 2 dinghy courses twice a year, in the Spring (April / May) and Autumn (September / October) for both junior and adult beginners depending on demand. The maximum number of students we accommodate  is between 14 and 16 per course which ensures an excellent experience is received by our course members.   More Details. 

On-going Development for Adults and Juniors - JCIC

Once you've learnt the basics of sailing, to build on that knowledge you will need lots of time on the water and further training to become a confident sailor. To help with this, at Sutton we run sessions on Sundays which we refer to in the diary as JCIC - short for 'Junior Club Intermediate Club'. They are not structured like an RYA course but are tailored to suit the sailors who attend. It is also an opportunity for new members to meet on a regular basis and buddy up in 2 man boats if they don't have a regular crew or helm to sail with. They are run with the assistance of the club's instructors.  


To help new members who have just completed the Level 2 dinghy course enjoy the excitement of racing but reduce some of the anxiety of doing something wrong,  for the two Sunday race days following the Level 2 course, each new member who is interested can be teamed up with one of the instructors. The instructor will helm the first of the two Sunday races, then the new member will be encouraged to helm the second race. So, by the end of three weeks, you should feel confident to have a go crewing or helming a boat with other new members of the club.

Power Boat Training 


The club can provide power boat training, with a non-tidal endorsement, up to RYA Level 2 and Safety Boat Driver certificates. However because we are situated in a nature reserve, this training has to be limited and can only be offered to long term members of the club. However we encourage club members to obtain a power boat certificate of some sort to help them with the safety duties they will be involved in as part of their membership. 

Ad Hoc Training


There is always more to learn in sailing. From time to time we will arrange special training sessions to meet particular needs. These have included first aid training and child protection training for instructors, racing and dinghy spinaker handling, and Dinghy Instructor training and examination. We will always consider putting on a course if there is demand.  

The Instructors 


Although we may occasionally call in instructors with specialist skills or to refresh our own ideas, most of the training at the club is undertaken by club members who have gained their RYA instructor certificates. RYA Dinghy Instructors have to demonstrate their sailing competance during a 2 day pre-assessment and complete a 4 day assessment course looking at their capabilities to teach the course elements. They must also hold an up to date first aid certificate, and be CRB checked. Senior Instructors have passed a further assessment on their ability to properly organise and execute a programme of training within RYA guidelines. 



Senior Instructors are John Wilber and Ute Hughes.


Dinghy Instructors are Jonathan Haigh, Chris Davis, Richard Petley ,Rob Allen,  Matthew Daniels, Tony Cartwright, Chris Hale, Max Coleman, James Hill, Niah Crockford, Eddy Powell, Aiden Berry, Dave Farrell and Dave Hall.


Power Boat Instructors are Allan Coleman, Chris Davis, Tony Cartwright and Dave Hall.