Race Specifics

Pre Race Preparations​

  • Arrive at least 1 hour before tabled start time of the race

  • Turn on the water heaters for the showers in the clubhouse

  • Open the boat shed and get out 2 power boats

  • Check fuel and top up if necessary from the fuel store

  • Open OOD box and get out timer and race flags

  • Tie all of the flags you may need onto the halyards on the flagpole yardarm

  • Check the wind direction and decide a course for the race

  • Mount the course letters into the course board and display on the boatshed front

  • Put up a signing on sheet with the race name on

  • Start power boat engines doing all necessary checks.

  • Move any course marks to optimise the course for the wind and lay the hand bouy start line if the usual start line is not going to be used

  • If the race is a pursuit race, post a list of the start times with reference to T=0 for all different boat classes starting the race. T=0 should be the start of the slowest boat, other boats will have T+ times posted.

Handicap Racing

All boats will start on the same time signal - this is the simplest format.


  • Manually sound the T-10 minutes courtesy warning

  • Start the timer at T-5 minutes - the warning signal will sound - raise the 'V' Flag

  • at T-4 minutes the warning signal will sound - raise the 'P' flag

  • at T-1 minute the warning signal will sound - lower the 'P' flag.

  • at T=0 the warning signal will sound - lower the V flag.

  • If no boats are over the line - turn off the start sequence to prevent the horn 


Pursuit Racing

Boat classes have a timed start, the slow boats starting first, the fast boats later. 


Operate the sounder as above