Covid-19 Policy

[Policy revised 15 September 2020]

Below is the Club's Covid-19 Policy which is based on RYA advice. Appendices A & B provide relevant extracts from the UK Regulations and Guidance and these sections will be updated as and when these change.

Sutton Sailing Club (SSC) Policy is to comply with all prevailing Regulations and to apply the RYA's Guiding Principles which are:

  • We will always follow Government advice

  • We will, as a boating community, take a considerate and conservative approach:

  • Considerate: be mindful of the potential impact that you could have on other water users and do not place unnecessary extra strain on emergency services.

  • Conservative: help to minimise risk by taking an extra conservative approach to your boating.

When we plan any Club organised events we will adhere to this Policy.

The key impact on the Club and its members are: (a) the restrictions on "gatherings" (i.e. events involving any social interaction or activities between people indoors or outdoors), (b) the requirement to follow "social distancing" measures, and (c) the requirement on the Club to make sure its premises are "Covid-19 secure". To simplify things we have summarised this as:

  • We will not run indoor or outdoor activities that lead to groups exceeding 6 people from more than one household gathering in the same place at the same time on land or within a single boat even if the "1m plus" social distancing measures can be maintained between all participants in the group [post-September 14 Government Regulation].

  • We will adhere to the "1m plus" social distancing guidance. NB Unless specially justified by other mitigating measures, this will continue to mean staying 2m apart. (The only exception to this is if an emergency should occur and action is needed to prevent harm to someone.) Members have been informed of the RYA guidance on the risks of people from different households sailing together and the Club is following this advice by leaving it to members to assess and control these risks when racing at the Club. [RYA advice endorsed by Government]

  • We will minimise the need for people from different households to share equipment or touch surfaces or items being used by others from outside their household. Where this is unavoidable, we will ensure items or surfaces are properly cleaned or are quarantined for a period of at least 48 hours before anyone else touches them [Government Guidance]. Where people from more than one household are considering sharing a boat during a Club activity we will bring to their attention the relevant RYA advice on the need for an assessment of their risk and the adoption of mitigating measures [RYA advice endorsed by Government].

  • So far as possible, we will keep a record of members participating in Club organised activities for at least 21 days after the event so it can be made available to the Government's Test & Trace organisation in the event of someone who attends a Club event testing positive for Covid-19[Government Guidance].

For more detail see  COVID Policy Issue 3.0  and COVID Policy 4.1